You are my sunshine

11.5 million solar panels currently installed on Australian roof tops. 

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How we work

you find us + we say hello

You’re found us. Yay! And now we chat. We can help whether you’re interested in purchasing a solar system or just want to humour the idea. On our platform you’ll find the latest research informed solar stories to inform what options are best for you (and the environment).

diG a lil deeper

Empowered with the right info, you’ve decided to take the next step. And why not?! You’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain. And so this is where we’ll ask you for some info to provide a quote. Among other things we consider your current electricity usage, location, and discuss any future changes that may effect your electricity needs.


its a match

We do the hard work for you. By talking the technical stuff and having a vast pool of experience in the area we come up with the best solution for your needs (both in quality workmanship and cost). Geared with this info we match you to a superhero installer. And, really, we’re talking superhero status here. Each of our installers have been through our own rigorous accreditation process. Yep, we’ve met them over coffee and have personally screened the ah-mazing ones (n.b. we only accept the ah-mazing ones). They tick the boxes on the obvious things: they excel as installers, only offer quality systems, provide the correct price, possess a magnificent track record AND heres the unique and wonderful clincher – they’re ‘lady friendly’. Yep, they’re approachable, know how to communicate, and you won’t find nude stickers on their car window. Oh hurrah!


You say yes

Once you’re chosen the right superhero installer for you, a date is arranged to install your beautiful new solar system on your roof.

We stay in touch

We hold your hand every step of the way and are contactable over the phone and online for any reason during and following installation of your system.

you keep ON giving to other women

$5 from every solar system installed is given to Solar Sister, an organisation that trains and supports women to deliver clean energy directly to homes in rural African communities. Solar Sister provide essential services and training that enable women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses in their own communities.