You are my sunshine

Dedicated to women taking back the sun

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At You Are My Sunshine we believe in women taking back and harnessing the suns rays for the good of the world. We believe in good people and matching those people with other good people. We’re pretty much a dating service for solar panels. We do what we do by placing our lovely clients with ‘good’ companies to do the work, and supporting our clients every step of the way to ensure their purchase of a renewable energy package is what best suit their needs for the best price - minus the complicatedness, minus the BS. Because lets face it, who has the time or patience for that stuff. Our company, based in Byron Bay - an area committed to sustainability - helps individuals and women’s businesses to create greener and cost-efficient energy solutions. Our particular path to sustainability happens to be high quality solar solutions which capture this radiant sunshine of ours.



You Are My Sunshine aims to increase the amount of solar panels on the roofs of women to improve their environmental and economic sitation. To achieve this our goal is four-fold:


To educate and inspire female ownership of solar panel electricity.


To ensure the ‘good’ companies doing ‘good’ work are recognised and matched with our clients. As a result less women are being ripped off by the ‘cowboys’.


To reduce the carbon footprint of household electricity nationwide.


To reduce the electricity costs of women, thus improving their personal economic situation and influencing the gender gap.